Friday, 10 July 2015

Top 5 Proven Techniques to Improve Vocabulary for TOEFL

It surely helps to score high in TOEFL when you have a strong vocabulary.  Some of us are blessed with it but most of us need to work towards it. By following certain tried and tested methods, it is certainly possible to strategise and grow your vocabulary. The TOEFL training institutes are there to help, but you too can individually try for it.

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  • Read, Watch and Listen to Lessons That Interest You: Select learning materials that attract your attention and are of your choice. Learning is best when you are engaged in the process wholeheartedly. They could either be podcasts, books, TV shows or movies. Gradually increase the topic range as per your comfort level. Reading more and more is a passive way of learning new words even without understanding the complete meaning. Listen to the podcast and get a podcast directory. Make sure that you search for podcasts on topics of your choice, so as to remain interested.
  • Express Your Thoughts in Writing English: It could be a diary entry or in letters, but make it a practice to write daily on different topics. Don’t use the same words every time. Try synonyms and variations in the sentence structure. Look up the meanings of the words that you use, unless you are very sure.
  • With a New Word Explore Its Parts Of Speech: When you know the newly learnt is noun, verb or adjective, you become comfortable with the usage and begin to identify other words within the same family.
  • When You Hear a New Word That Draws Your Attention, Write It Down: By writing down new words, they get stored in three kinds of memories; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
  • Watch More TV Series and Movies in English and Keep Reviewing Daily: When you watch English movies with subtitles, you automatically relate and identify. Watching TV series is another great way to learn English.

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