Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tips to Learn Speaking and Writing Skills for TOEFL

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is the standard test taken to evaluate the English language proficiency of students who wish to study in U.S. universities. the TOEFL exam, both speaking and writing are cumbersome for a no native speaker.  But follow some tips and take help from TOEFL training institutes.

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For the Speaking Section:
  • Do not be scared if you hesitate for a while, when it is time to respond.
  • But the time allotted to you should be more or less filled with your response.
  • If you think you have finished then utilise the remaining time to gather your thoughts and summarize.
  • Marks will be deducted if you mispronounce a word. So never select any big word in your speech that you are not confident of delivering correctly.
  • Improper usage of idioms and vocabulary is also strictly prohibited. So make sure that you have practiced enough before using an expression properly on the exam day.

How to improve:
  • Interact with native English speakers as much as possible and practice for some time alone on various topics without preparation.
  • Practice speaking loud and clear with good intonation and pronunciation.
  • Practice from books that come with audio recordings for the correct stress and intonation.

For the Writing Section:
  • The first part of the writing section needs to be linked later too. There are certain common phrases from the practice tests that can be memorized.
  • Keep the writing simple and clear. As there will be no access to spell check keep the vocabulary and punctuation within your capability.
  • Don’t start writing instantly. Spend some time planning and then writing out the essay within a comfortable format. The planning will actually be a saviour in the long run.
  • Usage of examples fetches marks, so keep exemplifying your points.
  • When you use a lot of transitional words and phrases in your writings, it automatically gets easy to read.
  • Memorise good and attractive phrase to be incorporated in your essay and practice typing too to minimise errors on the test day.
  • Save some time to review the section that you have already written and read it silently once to rule out any error.

TOEFL coaching in Ghaziabad is becoming more and popular with multiple institutes opening up. Enrol and take complete advantage.

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