Friday, 10 July 2015

Important Points to Know about TOEFL Essay Structure

When you write an essay for TOEFL, the word count is only between 150-250 words which are too little to cover up the main part and then summarise adequately. But it is a job at hand and you have to give your best shot. It is surely possible to structure a good essay effectively, if you keep in mind certain points. For Chennai based students, training at any TOEFL Coaching in Chennai would cover the requirements of a good essay.

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Essay Overview

It is not advisable to follow the traditional five paragraph style of writing an essay because each paragraph would end up being only of a couple of lines, before you move on to the next paragraph. An introduction, body and conclusion format can be followed, but it is not recommended to break the body into more than two paragraphs. It is better to write more valid points in good language, concentrating more on the sentence structure than on the format.

There Is No Need to Over-Think

What the experts who rate are looking for in your essays is a good composition and clarity of thought and language used. The essay prompts of this test are given on the official site. Make sure to check that up. In fact they are designed to have multiple correct answers. If you have to pick a position that you would have to defend, it is advisable to select a not-so-obvious position. But in case you want to take on a complex position; you must have a strong command to defend it in your writing. If you are 100 percent sure about the content, it is wise to showcase your writing skills on an easier position.

A clear introduction and conclusion is very important so as to give your essay a feel of completion. There are many TOEFL training institutes in the country that can help you with understanding the essay structure better.

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