Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Basic Needs for Obtaining Six Sigma Certification

Six sigma developed by Motorola in 1986 is a set of tools and techniques used for process improvement. Today, it exists in all professional entry levels and each has a completely different role to play.

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What are the Requirements of Six Sigma Certification?

  • Just like all other certifications, here also you are required to learn the appropriate subject, qualify in a written test and also display your knowledge practically at the required place. There are few Six Sigma Consulting and Training Companies and from here, you would get all the required materials. However, classroom training is mandatory for six sigma certification.
  • A training session can be purchased by you or even by your company which obviously has different requirement for the different Six Sigma levels viz. Green Belt, Black Belt etc.
  • The written test is usually conducted by the training company or the business that has hired the training company. There are companies like GE and Motorola who create their own written proficiency tests.
  • After a professional has completed the training, he or she needs to complete one or more projects to display the knowledge and skills learnt during the classroom training period. Here the various certifications differ in terms of their requirements. There is also no fixed standard that is followed by the various companies. 

How to Get Six -Sigma Certification?

Certification service has become popular among consulting companies as it allows differentiation of skills and also additional fee. There is not a single body that has been designated to provide Six Sigma Certifications to professionals. One out of every 10 training companies offers certification of this kind. So if you are looking for six sigma black belt certification in Hyderabad or anywhere else, it is better to look for a reputable institute who’s certificate holds worth.

Individuals and even corporate firms these days spend a lot of money to become six sigma trained and obtain this certification.

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