Friday, 3 July 2015

Mastering TOEFL Preparation in 3 Easy Steps

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is a compulsory examination if you have the dream to study in a foreign university. This test basically evaluates your power on the language and thus includes writing, reading, speaking and understanding as the criteria to judge you. Below is the structure of TOEFL

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  1. Reading Test: This comprises of 3 passages, around 39 questions that need to be completed in 60 minutes. Or sometimes it is 5 passages with around 65 questions and 100 minutes duration.
  2. Writing Test: Here you need to write an essay in about 250 words within 30 minutes time duration.
  3. Listening Test: The candidate is asked to attend academic lectures and campus conversations and then reply to the questions asked thereafter.
  4. Speaking Test: 6 questions are given in this test and only 2 require speaking solely, another 2 requires reading, listening, understanding and then speaking, in the last 2 only listening and speaking is required.  

Despite having excellent command over the language, many seem to fail in scoring well in TOEFL; however it is not as difficult as it hears to be if you have the dedication and the right guidance to move on.

Here are 3 steps in which you can master the TOEFL requirements

b – Enrolment to a coaching institute – TOEFL training institutes shall serve you in the best way to buy the right books, follow it in the correct procedure and evaluate you at regular intervals in the exact examination style.

Step 2 – Get accustomed to the useful apps – To get the best of TOEFL training, you can download the right apps in your mobile and practice the tests everyday and anywhere. Some such apps for TOEFL examinees are TOEFL Pictionary, TOEFL Flashcards, TOEFL essay etc.

Step 3 – Take time and practice – If you have decided to appear for this test make sure you have enough time in hand and start preparing; take time and practice thoroughly so that they preparation is flawless. Trying it every year would make no sense unless your preparation is really firm and steady.

TOEFL coaching in Delhi has shown the best of results in the past few years - not only for the meritorious students but also the dedication and sincerity of the faculties.

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