Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How Does WCF Training Help?

Windows Communication Foundation otherwise known as WCF is basically how Microsoft implements a set of industry standards to define service interactions. But actually it is nothing but new .NET, an improvised way of writing applications.

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A framework to build these service-oriented applications, with WCF you can now send data in the form of asynchronous messages between two endpoints. These service endpoints are either part of a continuously available service hosted by IIS or in an application. The end point is the service of a client who requests data from service endpoints. These messages range from being simple like a single character or word in the form of XML or could be complex like a stream of binary data.

The WCF training helps you to understand in depth how to develop service-oriented applications.

The Benefits -

The training will help you to take advantage of the built-in features like service hosting, instance management, synchronization, disconnected queued calls, transaction management, synchronization, reliability, asynchronous calls, security and emerging technologies like Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus and cloud computing.
The how features are not only explained but also the why and the rationale behind certain design decisions. The half-baked information is kind of explained clearly in this training programme.
So it is not only the WCF programming but knowledge about certain design guidelines, pitfalls and the best practices are clarified.
Some of the conventional training programmes will not only IDesign’s original techniques, utilities and extensions, but a good programme will assist you with these.

The Format

There are multiple kinds of demos starting from conceptual to original tools and utilities and lab exercises too. The utility of the demos stays on after class too and act as a starting point to new projects and a sample and reference source too.

Who Should Take The Training?

Somebody who is a .NET developer or an architect will greatly benefit from this training. It is recommended to be familiar with C# 4.0 and system programming before attending the programme.
WCF training in Pune is well known in the country. There are many institutes providing the same. So if you are interested to work in this area, do get in touch with one of them.


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