Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Step by Step Preparation Technique for GATE

A good career is essential for everyone. Each year thousands of aspirants take numerous competitive exams to get on track with their choice of career. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is one of the most sought after exams. This is an exam conducted on pan India basis, IIT and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Apart from GATE’s National coordinating board, MHRD and the department of education are the other stakeholders in this.
This is an exam which can be cracked for sure, but there are negative perceptions about it as well that often scare the aspirants. Hence, the following tips are being provided to bring more clarity about the exam preparation:

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The goal must be objective and clear from the beginning. If it is M.Tech from a reasonably well-known college one is aiming for, then moderate or slightly above percentiles suffice. A very high figure of percentiles becomes essential for IITs and cream institutions.

It is extremely important to know the course content. One must know what to study and how to pace the studies. This will ensure a good grip on the content and also afford more confidence.

One may also opt for professional institutes. For the best GATE coaching centre in Chennai, for instance, one must ask seniors and see online feedbacks from previous students.

Study Material:

Here it is advised not to get confused by a melee of options and to do all possible research at the outset. Once decided stick to the set of books that one has homed in on. Ideally opt for standard books from recognised publishing houses.

No endeavour can yield success without a plan. Hence, make sure to raise the level of difficulty gradually of the content. Try to avoid last minute cramming unless unavoidable.


Once the preparation has begun, avoid distractions and stick to the strategy. One should not change strategies at the last minute.

You can easily find a good GATE coaching centre in your vicinity, so as to have the best performance.

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