Friday, 15 May 2015

All You Need To Know About GATE Exam

I run GATE coaching classes and planned to write this post for a major reason. I see that half of the students that join gate coaching centres in Hyderabad have insufficient or no knowledge about the exam that they are preparing for. Therefore I planned to list all the important points that every GATE aspirant must be aware of.

So here is some general info associated with the GATE exam.

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  • In GATE exam you have to attend to a single paper and the duration is of 3 hours.
  • In addition to TF and AE, you will find 65 questions in the question paper.
  • Maximum number of marks that a candidate can score in this exam is 100.
  • There is a particular 1000 based scale, which is used to calculate the GATE score of a candidate.
  • Apart from TF and AE, all the remaining questions in the paper are of objective type.
  • As far as MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are concerned, each question offers you with four answers to choose from.    
  • All the papers associated with TF, MN, GG and AE are to be conducted online.
  • Negative marking is present for each question answered wrongly by the candidate. However the rule does not apply to the numerical answer type questions.
  • Each gate paper comprises of GA (General Aptitude) section that is of 15 marks.
  • First twenty five questions are of one mark each.
  • Next thirty questions are of 2 marks each.
  • Next four questions fall under the category of common data questions, which means if the candidate fails to provide the right answer for first pair, the second pair will not be evaluated by the examiner.
  • Last ten questions fall under GA (General Aptitude) section.
  • 2/3 mark is deducted for each question that is answered incorrectly by the candidate.     


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